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Traffic on the Website

We provide high quality traffic to meet all your needs. If you are looking for large numbers, we can provide more than millions of visits monthly. Do you need a conversion? We can guarantee real, 100% human visitors sent to your website.

SEO Effectivity

When you buy a package, you can define traffic from the selected country and even the city. Thanks to the positioning system, we can choose a specific demographic group for You, which significantly improves the effectiveness of your activities.

Technical Details

Traffic is registered in all major monitoring systems. The inputs are delivered from all over the world, from various devices, browsers, at selected or random times. Our entrances are characterized by a low bounce rate. We can also direct Users to selected exit pages.

Key features

Our tool is very effective. You control Unique and Returning Users, number of visits per session, time, bounce rates, set devices, desktop / mobile versions. You decide practically all the details of the movement you would like to have on your own website.

High Capability

We are able to generate traffic more than 1,000,000 views per month UU / RU. Support for multiple domains at the same time..

Full monitoring

We control real-time traffic, send reports. We have a record of all entries..

Real Data

Traffic from partner, affiliate and private networks. Traffic referring from Social Media.


Traffic from each country to selected pages in a specific time. Low bounce rates.

Choose Your Package

We offer three traffic Packages. Each of them is characterized by a different number of entries and additions, which may be helpful in gaining new customers or increasing credibility by the Advertisers. We offer to our clients individual packages with selected parameters.

30.000 UU

Perfect for Start
  • Entrances from your Country
  • Entrances up to 3 minutes
  • Low bounce rate
  • Active statistics
  • Website mapping
  • Referring traffic
  • Support for up to 3 URLs
  • Automatic configuration
  • Reports

Eur12 /Monthly

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Top Package!

50.000 UU

Construction of the Range
  • Entrances from your Country and Europe
  • Entrances up to 5 minutes
  • Low bounce rate
  • Active Statistics
  • Website mapping
  • Refferring traffic
  • Support up to 5 URLs
  • Automatic configuration
  • Reports

Eur19 /Monthly

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80.000 UU

Full Control
  • Entrances from around the world
  • Entrances up to 8 minutes
  • Low bounce rate
  • Active stats GA,SERV
  • Website mapping
  • Reffering traffic
  • Support up to 5 URLs
  • Automatic configuration
  • Reports + Logs

Eur25 /Monthly

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Check the possibilities of Social Market

See for Yourself and be sure of the Social Market services. We offer you a total free trial week, during which we will direct you to 3,000 Users. Next, You will decide whether you want to buy one of our packages or take advantage of the individual offer on specially prepared conditions for you.

Servers Architecture

We have over a dozen servers serving traffic all over the world. Depending on your needs, we also support Cloud services.
  • North America (12)
  • South America (8)
  • Europe (21)
  • Australia/Oceania (4)
  • Africa (9)
  • Asia (16)

What our clients say about us:

Positive opinions are the basis of our development. Thanks to the Clients refferals we can develop our product and add new functionalities that are always free for each of the purchased package.

The tool offered by Social Market surprised my company very positively. New clients appeared outside the movement. It is known that it is the basis of business and we needed it. We highly recommend!

Peter Hallewell (Manchester)

I recommend Social Market services. Thanks to the generator, we managed to attract new customers and advertisers to our website. We have established a cooperation in a simple way that continues fruitfully to this day.

Amanda Gladstone (Boston)

At the beginning, with some uncertainty, we approached the Social Market offer, but after a month of services the traffic on our sales platform improved significantly. Our rankings went up and SEO surprisingly quickly reached a higher level than ever before. The number of registration and visits has increased.

Noah Thompson (Sydney)

Important informations

The traffic comes from many sources - partner networks, individual users and monitoring systems.
We can move traffic to any page in different domains.
The system is fully automatic.
The traffic is not controlled. When shopping, you can receive many more entries.

We are not responsible for overloading the target server.
We are not responsible for content on landing pages.
We are not responsible for traffic generated on request from countries covered by international embargoes.
We do not generate traffic as part of the AdSense network and other paid services.